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"Requiem for  dream", 12"x12" oil on board

"Live long and prosper" , oil on linen 6"x6"

"Vroom",  5"x5" oil in linen adhered to board

All Aboard, 6"x6" oil on linen

"It's a big world out there", oil on board

"Yellow Roses" , oil on board 12"x12"

"3 roses", oil on board 12"x12"

"A walk in the park", oil on board

Teacup and Crane, oil on panel 6"x9"

"When I see you again", oil on board 5"x5"

I think i am winning, oil on linen

Lucky Bamboo, 9"x12" oil on panel

"Batter Up"! , oil on board 6"x9"

"Time to go home", oil on linen 9"x12"

Shiny Things, oil on panel